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Post-Workout Carb Foods


I know that there are plenty of high-carb post-workout supplements that I can drink, but are there some good foods I can eat right after a workout? I have a very fast digestive system, and shakes blast right through me leaving me craving food, so I would really like to get my carbs from something solid that won't leave hungry.

Also, I usually drink a protein shake while I work out instead of after because I usually follow my lifting with 30-45 minutes of cardio and don't want to wait. Could I just toss a tablespoon of sugar in with my protein shake, or do I have to get the carbs after a workout?


you could do that. You could also drink a protein shake after your cardio with fast digesting carbs, such as Surge or powdered gatorade. I too get hungry very quickly after my workout, so about an hour after I drink my post workout shake I have a solid meal.


Buy some bulk maltodextrin/dextrose.

It's what I put in my protein shakes PWO.