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Post-Workout Carb Altering?

I’ve been doing the 40g whey isolate and 120g simple carbs at post-workout for as long as I can remember with the purpose of gaining muscle in mind. I was just wondering, how much does everyone alter the amount of carbs they take in post-workout in accordance with the intensity of the workout?

Obviously, a primary point of taking in post-workout carbs is to replenish the glycogen that was depleted during your workout, but on the same line of the obvious, a leg workout is depleting a lot more glycogen than an arm workout.

So, it would make sense to lessen the amount of carbs post-small muscle training as opposed to large, yes? I’ve been staying consistent with the amount of carbs post workout since the point of learning proper post-workout nutrition, and I finally decided it might be worth taking a closer look at whether I’m flooding my body with too much sugar on less-intense workout days… let me know what everybody thinks/does for themself

I do up mine a bit after a squat or dead night in the form of a tablespoon of cornstarch, but aside from my standard pwo shake and some good eating, I don’t do anything signifigant after an upper body session.

The primary reason to take fast-acting carbs after a workout is to cause an insulin spike. Insulin being used to carry protein, creatine, and other nutrients into the muscles when they are most hungry.