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Post workout Calories

Hey guys just running some question in my head and was wondering if on a cutting diet you include your post workout cals (the shake/insulin spike before you shower) in your total cals or not? The question has arised in my mind because of over training issues when doing extreem cutting diets. My current thought is that the post workout cals (before shower) is simple carb and protein loaded to satisfy the needed demand right after training so muscles will not become too flat or catabolic! Have i been over thinking again or is there some merit there? Also this reasoning would suggest that on non-training days your total cals would be lower because these cals are not needed (yes/no)

yes i count my post workout cals on a diet. when bulking i just go nuts and have several serves of whatever P/W drink i’m on at the time.
On non workout days total cals are lower, mainly cause i have pretty much no carbs (~20-30g) compared to training days (~90g).

with all due respect, what the hell does that shower have to do with it?


The shower refers to the idea that post workout shake should be consumed right after workout, before you even get in the shower at the gym. Just a tip i found on an old t-mag post or writing.

sorry if it was confusing i was just trying to keep the original post as short and to the point as possiable

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Cap’n Crunch, every calorie counts, my friend. I really fail to understand why you wouldn’t count this source of energy. Could you elaborate?

When on a diet I take it you are counting calories right? And the PW drink has calories therfore one should count them

Refer to my keto thread
that issue is discussed there.

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