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Post Workout 'Buzz'


After some workouts, all I want to do is sit on my ass, eat some food, and stare at the tv...

But after most workouts, I feel excellent. I come home, turn on some music, drink a shake then eat some food, and feel great. I'm totally destressed, the world takes on a little tinge of absolute perfection, and I want to do nothing but sit there and bathe in it.

In buddhist cosmology, they have a class of beings called devas. They are kinda like humans w/o a lot of their suffering, live for like 9000 years or something in a state of pure physical pleasure. Thats what it feels like.

It fades eventually and its back to business as usual, but while it lasts I'd put it up there w/ one of the most pleasurable sensations I've ever felt.

Does anybody get this or is there something wrong with my brain?


endorphins man.

they fucking rock.


Yes. Feeling "good" after exercising is bad and indicates some sort of mental disorder.

I normaly get home.. Watch TV.. And if it's been especially tough, get mini blackouts and lose ability to orientate for a few moments.(Feeling like the horizontal plane is all messed up)

I like it though.


I never feel "good" after I lift...too exhausted.


Most of the time, I feel a euphoria


Don't feel "good" per se... because I'm exhausted.

But I'll be damned if there's the tiniest bit of stress in my body.

Traffic that normally makes me want to punt kittens couldn't bother me the slightest. I'm just so "chill", and I'm NEVER "chill". I'm kind of a dick actually, heh.

I love how I am PWO though. Wish I could maintain. It is a good feeling, regardless if I can lift my arms or not.


I'm "there" right now!! Love it!! :slightly_smiling:


Same. :slight_smile: Winding down, probably got 10 minutes left before I hate my neighbors again.

gonna go to bed before that happens.


I've had many times where I'll just sit and laugh to myself.
Then I'll come on T-Nation and laugh some more...


Yes, it's a combination of endorphins, other hormones, and some neurotransmitters. Lasts about 2 hours for me, then residually for the remainder of the day. One reason I'm in a better mood throughout the day if I workout in the morning. Also, I've noticed the effects are greater on legs days with squats more so than any other exercise.



Sometimes they get me almost to a state of inebriation.


tell me more about the devas, im interested


I love that post-workout feeling.

It's much better coupled with an herbal rememdy.

And is even better if it's a manage-a-trois with wicked masturbation. (Or sex, if you're one of those cool kids.)


I find myself doing that after I just finished a heavy set .. a set, before I started, might have had a shred of doubt about completing .. and once I have and still had some gas in the tank I start to chuckle to myself .. Or after a really strenuous session I'll be making my way to my car I start reflecting over the session and all the times I thought I couldn't but did I laugh to myself .. I love grinding out sets .. it's just aces


I get this all time. For that post workout window I become super motivated. I start thinking of all this stuff I am going to do tomorrow and later in the day because I am such an ass kicking machine, and 3 hours later I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking when I'm wallowing back in the stress of work and home.


I get a much more pronounced endorphin high after a long run than I do after resistance training.

Oh shoot, I should probably feel ashamed now that I've just admitted to running long(ish) distances and (gasp) actually enjoying it.

quickly exits the thread hoping no one noticed the comment about enjoying running


I didn't notice the comment, but I did catch a glimpse of your pink silk panties.



You must have glimpsed wrong then.

They're lavender, not pink.

And I only wear them when I go for long runs, and only because they provide support. Definitely not cause they make me feel secksay.


endorphins...definitely an addicting feeling.

i wish i could smoke it. feel great and look ripped.


Before I had access to weights I would just bang out sets of press ups and pull/chin ups to failure.
This was really the first time I had REALLY pushed myself (pulled myself...) consistently; religiously and it was so intense afterwards, in the bext possible way.

I found myself wondering why I ever bother smoking the you-know-what and when I did, on ocassion have a smoke I would just want to curl up into the fetal position and giggle to myself like some crazed nutjob in a straightjacket haha

And for some time I kept getting the urge to watch Arnie movies - which would just exacerbate the hilarity of the situation. GET TO THE CHOPPA!