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Post-Workout addition



Currently my supplements are limited to a whey protein and some creatine. Have had a bit of money freed up, so what else could I add to this to help things out? My knowledge regarding nutrition (and esp supplements) is absolutely shit.

I've noticed that it takes me a bit longer than others to recover. What SORT of thing could I add (if anything) that'd benefit me?

I'd rather not Biotest since in england I literally cannot afford it. Any help would be appreciated.

And NO, search function doesn't work on work computers. Sorry.

At only 164lb and needing to get larger (goals).


Carbs. pre, during, or post workout

Also, more food.


You don't consume any carbs post-workout? I'd suggest you get some dextrose or maltodextrin, take 30-50 grams with your post-workout shake, maybe sip on another 20-30 grams during your workout as well. And/or buy more food with that extra money. Beef, steak, eggs, whole milk, etc. The shit that works.