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Post Work Out Routine?


after an intense lifting session i like to sit in the sauna for about 15 minutes (unless the creepy, most likely gay and voyeuristic old guy is in there) while listening to the top gun theme and going the distance from one of the rocky sound tracks on repeat.

then i go to my first morning class feeling like i'm much more of a man than any one else at my university.


you listen to 80's movie montage soundtracks and are concerned about the other guy being gay?


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I agree with the above post.

After an intense workout, depending on your goals. It's best to cool the temperature of your body down.

I like to take ice cold showers. This make take some getting used to, but you will feel fresh and great after.

If that is to intense for you I would recommend putting on your swimming shorts and take a brisk walk in the gym pool to cool down.

Just last night after an intense workout which I'm currently focusing on neural strength. I came home and turned the dial to ice cold as far as it would turn in the shower.

Took a deep breath and enter I did. It will literally shock you. But feels good after 2-3 minutes. After a minute or two of ice water, I will go to as hot as I can handle for 2-3 minutes without burning myself, then back and fourth between cold and hot for about 10-20 minutes.

If your goal is to prevent or reduce catabolism cool your body down as much as possible after your workout as soon as possible.




Ew but guys, I think that life should also be pleasurable.


i hate cold showers. i had an internship in sales where we had to take cold showers every morning. i can handle them but prefer hot for sure.

i doubt cold showers speed up recovery enough to make all that much of a difference for a guy just working out anyways. it's not like i'll be competing in a collegiate level football game the following day or anything.


I pop 6 BCAA tablets in my car, drive home, eat dinner, and take a shower at a lukewarm temp. Later on I'll roll around on my foam roller for 10 minutes or so.

That's about it.


Cigarrettes and Beer....Recovory for champions!


while on topic (sorta)
anyone know why after a fight in the UFC, the guys always put there shirts on.

you'd think after being hot and sweaty the last thing you'd want is a shirt on..

is it just to pimp there sponsors?




10-15 minutes of easy-pace cardio will do volumes more for your recovery than sitting in a sauna ever will.




The contrast shower is great. Very invigorating.

We go to a spa every year and part of the "purifying ritual" is alternating between a hot tub and ice bath.
I love it!!!!

If I had the $ and built my own home gym I would hav a tub with water temperature @ a cool 60 degrees!


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Come to Switzerland and try some of our rivers, 60 degrees is freakin hot.

On a related note, our neighbor had a pond built in his backyard. He always complains about it being such a pain in the ass to have to break the ice with a hammer when he wants to swim in winter. And no, I'm not kidding.


i hate cold showers. i had an internship in sales where we had to take cold showers every morning.[/quote]

What kind of internship did you have, where you had to take cold showers every morning? That's definitely different.


Doesn't get much gayer than that.

Never mind. I guess it does.


I have a postworkout shake then do a sauna as well. A sauna relaxes you and I remember reading it boosts growth hormone levels.

And when I get out I take an ice cold shower, and then wash myself. The change in body temperature is even greater than doing it from room temperature in the mornings, as the sales intern did.

If you can face 4 sets of 20 rep squats you should be able to face this as well.


how can you take music into a sauna?