post work out meal

I just read Post work out puzzle 1&2 and I just have a hard time taking in all these scientific studys.I know we need them,I just have a hard time comprehending them all.Anyways this is my post w.o. meal.(protein shake,powerade,apple.44grams protein,73 carb.),(37sugars in powerade).Is this on the right track?I dont like the sugar,but wont it kick up the glucose levels?And thats a good thing post w.o.,right?

while fruit is great for all the vitamins and minerals it has, it is less than optimum for your PWO shake. Save it for the first whole food meal an hr later.

Check out the thread going on right now about fruit, and fructose in general. It is labaled something like “For All the Diet Gurus” or something of the like.

In short the fiber in the fruit will slow the carb uptake that you want to spike insulin, and fructose (which ftuits sugar carb are primarily comprised) goes to fill your liver and not the muscle tissue like you want.

Hope that helps

Thanks again Phill,I’ll check that thread out.Is the protein,carb. ratio o.k.?,I can lose the apple until later in day.Also is powerade or gatorade good source of carbs for post w.o.?Weights at 195 now. iron.head

Ratios are pretty good. make sure you are using a good source of whey for this meal, and drop the powerade/gatorade crap. Go buy some Glucose/maltodextrin from a Beer brewers store.
It will be cheaper in the long run and give you a better insulin spike for the same caloric intake.

or go buy surge… duh!

i like what Phill said about the apple - ditch it till a later meal. what you want is the quickest absorption of protein and carbs into your system. the fiber and acidity will slow that down.

i would probably back off from using too much powerade combined with your protein powder in your shake. although the sugars are good, taking in ~73g at one sitting even post-workout is a bit of an overload. for some diets (i.e. Tdawg) that would essentially wipe out any other carbs for the day. not a lot of balance in that case. there are some articles here about post-workout nutrition that discusses adequate ratios between protein and carbs (it was a number of articles just before Surge came out). see what works best for you. also, check out the protein roundtable that was written in T-mag a while ago - although the initial stance was overloading on proteins post-workout, later research showed that extra AA’s in the bloodstream might induce fat storage. go figure? bottom line: try to balance out your PWO shake by keeping it simple (i.e. no alternate food sources) and limiting carbs (you’ll get your insulin spike pretty easily considering your body is already undergoing mild hypoglycemia).

So if I’m using surge and am at about 205 pounds of lean body mass while at 230 pounds overall, should i go by the guidelines of 3 scopps for 225 pounds and over or 2 scoops for 200 pounds and over but lower than 225?

whetu,surge should be here fri.That should solve post w.o. problems.Big D,I’m trying to adjust diet so carbs are focused around I’ve been reading.I’m looking for article that shows p+c&p+f ratios,is that in the protein roundtable?Explain hypoglecemia PLEASE.Also should p+c ratio for pre w.o. be close to post w.o. ratios?

hey Tank - 2 scoops if you’re trying to pay off tuition like i am. 3 if you’re rolling in dough (Surge is great but pricy)

ironhead - hypoglycemia is simply having low blood sugar levels. in an exhausted or chronic state, this simple nutrient deficiency can greatly disrupt normal metabolism (depending on the availability of other nutrients). as for figuring out ratios, do a search for Berardi’s articles about the T-dawg diet (or just go to the dangerously hardcore section). i’ll try to find out more for you - can’t think of anything at the top of my head right now.

hey Whetu,
everytime i go to a brewer’s to pick up maltodextrin, i accidently pick up some home brew instead and forget why i went there in the first place. last time i went, i wrote MALT in big letters on my hand to remember what i wanted - shame that i picked up a bottle of single-malt scotch instead!