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Post Whores Unite


I believe I am now in 2nd, and gaining on the lethargic Goldberg. I have just surpassed the Mighty Patricia. Ike has aspirations of catching up. We all can dream, can't we?

My Post Whore Guidelines previously posted have worked for me. I am now selling the system for $19.95. Get yours today.


Here are the whoredom numbers as of Friday, Sept 19th.

Goldberg 1816
Patricia 1729
Jared NFS 1723
Ike 1644
JWright 1541
fitone 1262
Christian Thibaudeau 1205
diesel23 1179
Nate Dogg 1157
CGB 1140
Timbo 965
char-dawg 958
P-DOG 873
Hyphnz 861
Mike Mann 834
chrismcl 824
DAN C 823
poohbaya 818
Eric Cressey 787
Antiliberal 765


You're shitting me! I thought I was 2nd. Time to sack up and pass her.




Patricia: I love you, but you suck.


I thought I'd spot you all a lead... before crashing through like a freight train on my way to 1st.


The Post Whore Guidelines (tm) must employ a conjugate method, because Jared is setting PRs every week.


Jared...Will there be an E-book of your Post Whore System? Perhaps I should wait for Patricia's or Goldberg's.


P: You better get your ass in gear.


And thanks to Chris for giving us The List.

My Post Whore Guidelines is now available for a bargain basement price of $14.99.


Bullshit ratio. Where's the bullshit ratio when we need it? :slight_smile:

Still solidly in 10th.


Post whore, Post whore! (sung to the tune of Dopeman by NWA


Basement whores?

Ugh, the worst type of whore...


The bullshit ratio is an antiquated system. Too subjective.


Well....my Post Whore Guildelines will come fully illustrated. ahem


I'm holding steady in the Top Ten. Of course, my posts have more quality than half of you guys who are just Whore posting for "big numbers!"

Is that all that matters to you? Having the highest number? Do you think it will make you the coolest person on the forum?

How about this, the person with the highest number of posts will receive a free porn pic of yours truly!

Now, do you really want to be number 1?


Oooh, ooh can I be the whore model for you Patricia!?

I am a hooker in my sport of choice.



I'm just proud to say Mike Mann is still trailing me. Poor guy. He tries so hard.


Nate - Now I definitely want to win.


Ahhh, some day I'll be up there. Some day . . . !