Post-Weight Loss Help

Hello all, just had a quick question. I started weight lifting about 3 years ago (I’m 18) and I lost about 90lbs in a year and a half. Went from about over 35% body fat to now around 12 - 10% body fat.

With this extreme weight loss, I came across the problem of loose skin around my midsection (especially covering my abs), my legs, arms, and chest. I’ve done a little research, but nothing really turned up.

I did visit a plastic surgeon, but I’m more apt not to cut myself up to get rid of the skin.

I’ve asked around and the best advice I could get is that “time” is the only remedy, and slowly your body skin will shrink back up. I honestly think there must be a faster way to tighten up excess skin, either through a cream or stimulant? Any help is appreciated.

I dont think that there is an "wonder" cream or stimulant out there which helps to tighten up your skin. Maybe you could get it better when you get more muscles but I cant say that for sure.
Maybe your only option is a surgery but lets wait what other people might say about that. Also dont know if there are experts out there in the US who have an technique for your problem.
In Germany i don`t know anyone.

Only time will really tell.

At your age, I’m pretty sure your skin will tighten up considerably. I’d give it a few years before considering surgery.