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Post Weigh-In Nutrition


I have a niece that wrestles in high school and her nutrition is horrible. She cuts and weighs in 2 hours before wrestling. What would be a good protocol for post weigh-in nutrition? I was thinking about ordering finibars or surge workout fuel for her. Any help appreciate.


I've always liked Pedialyte for rehydration and electrolyte replacement. As for food, I'm pretty sure there are wrestlers here who can give you better advice than I can.


How much is she cutting? Two hours isn't much time to refill, she shouldn't be cutting very much IMO. But yeah, Pedialyte, FINiBARs, stuff like that will be good for that limited time frame. I usually drink about half the Pedialyte straight, then top the bottle off with water before I drink the rest.


I don't think she cuts more than 5 lbs b/c they don't have much time to recover. They do wrestle for 3 matches in each tourney. So, I guess I'm curious about between rounds nutrition too.

For now, it looks like pedialyte after weigh in is a good idea. I'll let her know to add that to her pre-match nutrition.


If I were weighing in two hours ahead of time, I'd fight (or wrestle as the case may be) within a couple pounds of walking around weight.


cutting as much as it is part of the game does hold some dangers for younger athletes

5lbs isn't too much to recover from teens have good recovery

just monitor your niece a little she is prob small and 5lbs
might be a larger percentage of her body weigh then we might think.

Cutting for female athletes is different
lets say there is more going on hormonally with
bodyweight fluctuation like cutting and caloric restriction with women vs men
particularly when they might be at a very low body fat

as for foods pedialyte cut with water is a good start
followed with water

I am a big fan of baby food for a fast way to reintroduce foods and
simple carbs back into the body.

I've seen off brand pedialyte style freezer pops that would be a good idea

banana works here too so does yogurt

I used to do some kind of gator aide type drink
water, baby food , yogurt , and fruit , maybe a baked sweet potato or baked potato
stuff that was easy to eat, and did not have allot of acid
if it was a tournament I tried to rehydrate , get some simple carbs in
take some short naps if possible, and work back into more solid foods as the day went on.


Pedialyte is great i dont have anything to back this with but iver used about 1 jug per 5 lbs cut the most was a 11 lb cut just rounded down to 2 jugs as for other nutrition again nothing to back this with but i always loaded with complex (and some simple depending on how much time i have) carbohydrates then started hitting the dairy also threw in some leafy green stuff to feel good

mind you this is for powerlifting and usually have a cooler of food for after weigh and throughout the day

my unbacked advice is if youve been depriving yourself to cut and you have time after weigh in eat big and eat clean