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Post Weigh In Meals


Hey guys, I am competing in my first pl competition next week and was just wondering your opinion on meals. After weighing in And during the day do you feel it is more important to get salt/car/fat heavy meals in to outdone bloat on or that it is more important to just eat food that you know will settle well with you? Thanks in advance!


After I weigh in, if the meet site is in a hotel, I will punish their buffet; eggs, bacon, biscuits, etc.

If it is not at a hotel, I will drive through Mickeys, Whataburger. I will get 2 bacon egg and cheese bisuits, and breakfast burritos.



For me, this first thing I drink is a large quantity of protein + dextrose + salt. Then I personally enjoy eating PB+honey sandwiches right away. Then throughout the day, just eating my regular diet whenever I remember to eat


big weight gaining shakes, and protein brownies for me.


I think you should eat something your body is familiar with. If you made an effort to lose weight/water then drink a few liters of surge and water. Eat normal food, not super high GI stuff or you might find yourself running low on energy. Also if you are pretty nervous it might mess with your stomach to have a lot of food and then start warming up or maxing on squats, I know I never liked a big meal in my stomach when I trained legs (bench didn't matter). I personally have eggs/potatoes/2-3 pieces of bacon/small glass of milk/peas or veggies if possible or a box of Mac and Cheese works in a pinch and is portable. One of my teammates loves his oatmeal and protein mix. Bagel sandwiches work well also. Don't eat total crap food like donuts or pop tarts or something like that, especially as you get older, you might find zero energy for deads when the time comes. I would alternate water and gatorade/surge during the meet and eat after squats or bench if the meet will be a long one. Good luck with it


I agree with this guy. Don't jack your blood sugar with donuts or poptarts or you could crash soon. Also don't fill up on crap like biscuits and gravy. Eat something you are used to and have some caffeine while warming up either in the form of a pill or some coffee. If you are used to squatting after eating a lot the go ahead and do that. If you are not used to squatting heavy with a full stomach then avoid that. Take lots of food to eat throughout the day and you will be fine.


Agreed. The day of the contest is the worst possible time to start experimenting. Go with what you know. Oh, and don't forget water intake - it's too easy to dehydrate.