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Post W/O Table Sugar


In a pinch, would white table sugar be an ok substitute for dextrose as an insulin spiker? i know it doesn't spike it as high, but...


Yes, sucrose is fine in a pinch.


whoa! Dave Barr responded to my question! awesome! thanks brother!


Sugary pop drinks are ideal. Reason being, the sucrose is already dissolved for you.
There are chemicals you might not want in some though. Just a thought.

I was tryna make this 'ready dissolved / mixed' point in another thread and it fell on deaf ears, but hopefully it makes some sense.

I used to drink Orangina...post workout cos I got it free.


What about Rice Crispy Squares. I can't remember where I heard that, and I have never tried it. Anybody try this?


Puffed rice and sugar maybe glucose syrup in some, but some fat too which will blunt the spike.

Rice Krispies in grape juice that would work. Puke.


but don't most soda's use a large amount of high fructose corn syrup for their sweetening? and if so, am i correct in recalling that high fructose corn syrup doesn't do much in the way of replenishing muscle glycogen?

i could be totally off here.


Glad I read the whole thread, as I was about to recomend corn starch (fructose) from the baking section of the supermarket. I used to use that with creatine as a post workout mix. You have to wet it into a slurry first though, or it clumps.

Maybe not though.


It depends, some are sucrose and glucose syrup or dextrose, and some have the corn syrup in as well. Just check the label.


In a pinch, right? Not ideal. I had thought that sucrose mostly replenishes liver gylcogen (which we don't really want) instead of muscle glycogen, which we do. And which glucose (dex/malto) does.