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Post w/o supplementation

Tomorrow I will be starting a new program which will include 20 minutes of cardio immediately after my workout. The intensity of the cardio will vary according to the day/ eneergy levels etc. I have never included cardio post workout (usually do it at another time during the day, or on off-days). I would like to hear from anyone who cares to answer: I usually consume a carbs/protein drink during and immediately after my workout. Now that I will be doing cardio, which would be the better choice- drinking the shake as soon as I finish lifting, right before cardio, or after I am finished with the cardio? Any ideas are appreciated.

I’ve asked Berardi about this, and he says it’s fine to wait until after doing your cardio to have your post-workout surge or surge-type drink. This is what I’ve been doing and I’ve noticed no loss in muscle.

I take my shake immediately after doing my cardio. You’re body’s still in an active state, so waiting to take your shake after you do your cardio will not affect muscle growth.