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Post W/O Carb Shake Cutting?

If it fits within your caloric goals it’s fine. Though now the trend seems to be to have your shake before/during your workout due to carbs being utilized more efficiently.

What is the best way to know caloric intake requirements when cutting? I mean…I know there is a chance of losing muscle when you are hypo-caloric and that heavy lifting with proper volume will keep more of that muscle on.

Thanks for your help.

Figure out your BMR then subtract 300-500 cals from that, and decide if you wanna go the steady intake route, or the cyclical route (my preference, figure it keeps your metabolism from excessive slowing).


Stu, Thanks a lot. I think when I was cutting I really went too low of calories (esp since I didn’t know my bmr).

Is the best bet with BMR calculations still the mathematical equations? I am going to try looking that up on this site now.

You guys are really helpful.

Cutting isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be. It’s the way to do it properly so that you keep some muscle that can get a bit elusive, mostly because it is indeed a slow process and people tend to think they’re not doing things correctly.