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Post-Vasectomy = Botched Job?


I got a vasectomy 3 months ago. I did the 2-months-after test and the doc said that some Boys were still swimming. He told me to wait another month and a half before the next test..

Although this is not recent, I get a blue-balls-ish feeling every week if I don't er ... flush the pipes.

Have any of you gone thru this? Could this be a sign of a botched job ? It don't think the latter would apply, since the Doc is the city's biggest specialist, but sh** happens.

Thanks in advance!


You go for a week without release sometimes? Weird.


Dude - I haven't had a vasectomy, but I get this feeling after 3 days. I think it's a sign that things are working properly. Or, a sign that you ain't hittin it.


Jesus christ, I agree.

A week?


I had the vasectomy, and I know the feeling you are talking about. If I go a couple of days without relief, the feeling starts--pressure/ache. If it is a four or five days, when I do get off it will occasionally feel strange/slightly painful like the boys are slamming into something and then heading back to where they came from.


Sorry if this is a repeat but I think my last attempt at this post didnt go through.

To the OP, I know nothing about vasectomies so I cant help you out there, but to the others, when I am not taking triublus I could go a couple of weeks without even thinking about 'flushing the pipes' as it was put. Even taking Alpha Male I can easily go a week without any mental of physical problems.


I had one many years ago and was told to either wait a certain amount of time (can't remember how long it was) or have ten ejaculations to make sure the swimmers were out. After the time or 10 ejaculations I was to go back in to get tested.

Needless to say when I opted for the 10 ejaculations and was back in to get tested the same week.


It takes a while for them to get all out. If you are not flushing 2x per day it could take a while for them to go away. I was fully done at about 1.5 months

No sperm detected.

All you want to know should be here...charts etc.



Perfect description.

I had mine done 4 years ago, and I still get that slight pain.


I was negative for swimmers after 7 days.


This is about right. Six or seven days and you should be clear.


I just had mine 6 hours ago and the discharge instructions said no sexual activity for one week, and the specimen sample to be collected in 6 weeks.

Did any of you have different discharge instructions?


No activity for three days, specimen at 1 week and 3 years


I never reaslised how many people get vasectomies. Honestly.


Yes, mine were the same as this.


All the cool people are doing it. I had one twelve years ago, and I don't wanna go back.


My instructions were no activity for 1 week and sample after 2.


Thanks for the replies. I was thinking my doc was maybe being a bit too conservative after reading some of these posts.

It's been 24 hours and it still feels like like I just got a swift kick in the nuts. I would probably be feeling better if I could just keep still long enough.


It will feel like that. It should be better now. After my procedure for the next 24 hours it did feel like I was kicked in the nuts...hard....feeling the gut queeze and into the legs a bit too.


It's been 15 years since I had one. Very minor discomfort. Hell, I played 18 holes of golf two days after. A friend of mine went to a different doctor and had major problems with swelling. He was pretty obese at the time though. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Don't let it make you feel invincible though. It doesn't prevent STDs.