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Post Varicocelectomy Advice. Triptorelin?


Hello am 51 and had Microsurgical Bilateral Varicocelectomy to eliminate excess temperature and pressure on both testicles. Prior to surgery T was ~ 250 and LT was borderline low ~ 1.5. Am now taking a small amount of Androgel.

The challenge is restarting the HP axis without having T crash. Tried stopping Androgel with the assistance of Clomid but felt really bad even after the 1st day. I don’t think it was the Clomid so much as stopping T. Went back on T but looking for a way to quickly restart the HP axis. Fixing the testicles should be able to give me at least a 100 to 200 point T increase naturally but not unless the Hypothalmus and Pituitary cooperate.

gNRH? Other? Need some advice. Been to the best Urologists and Endocrinologists and they don’t know any more than I do. Thank you.


See the HPTA restart link here: About the T Replacement Category

Review other links there as well.


Nothing in the above link is helpful. Looking for concrete, specific advice.


Sorry, that is best advice and explanation that I can provide.

Did you find the HPTA restart link in that page of links?


Initially it appeared as though Triporelan was some kind of ultra risky treatment shrouded in mysticism but the treatment is published in a paper of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists outlining Guidelines for treatment of Hypogonadism, .a.k.a. Low Testosterone in adult male patients 2002. More specifically hypogonadic hypogonadism meaning possible suppression of the HP axis. (Post Cycle Therapy?) They also go on to specify one time dosage not to exceed 100 mcg.

I think where confusion exists regarding this treatment is that folks didn’t understand the drug has many applications, one being prostate cancer where large and repeated doses are given far beyond the dose range used for low testosterone treatment. The insert for Trelstar (Pfizers brand name for Tripotorelan) is marketed specifically for treating prostate cancer but even in Trelstars product insert they say once the product is stopped testosterone production should resume.

It would seem the only challenging part remaining is having an endocrinologist prescribe the test. The obvious alternative would be web based product.