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Post Var Only Cycle Question


So my a last cycle I did Var only at :
weeks 1 - 2 70MG ed
weeks 3 - 5 80MG ed

I am currently 1 month post PCT which was Nolva 40/20/20/10

I got a bit of shrinakge from this cycle, and my boys still havent bounced back to there full size as of yet. (prob around 3/4

Since its been 2 months since the var and 1 month post PCT:
- Is there any cause for alarm on my part?
- would HCG 250 Iu EOD possibly be beneficial at this point or just a bad idea?

-Or should I give it some more time?


My nuts get back to normal size after bout 3 weeks after I finish off my PCT, but thats me.

Give it more time.


BAD IDEA! hcg is really only beneficial during cycle IMHO. taking it now could cause further supression. THis goes to show that even VAR can shit the boys down pretty hard.

This your first cycle, if not how long did you wait before starting this cycle from the last? What was the last cycle?

Probably nothing to worry about. If they are increasing in size then thats a good thing, if they werent growing at all, Id be worried.

give it time


Thanks for the input guys.. Na its not my first cycle I did a sust cycle prior to this one ar 500mg a week. I waited approx 4 or 5 months after that before I tried this cycle.


should be fine in my opinion...maybe your balls werent as big as you thought you were...or you just put on so much size so now they look smaller.


Yea I put on so much size from Var that my balls just appear tiny now on my massive chassis.. LOL

There def still not up to par but from the other post on here I'm gonna go with -
These things just take time and Ill wait it out.


I'm glad you caught that was a joke. I re-read it was afraid you'd take it the wrong way. You'll be fine fine lol