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Post V-Diet Advice

I (like many) seem to thrive on the structure of the V-diet. Any recommendations on another diet to follow up with this one? My primary goal is still going to be fat loss.

Thanks. Steve

Last day of the V-diet is 12/24/2006.

T-Dawg 2 is a great choice IMO has structure and then when you hit your goal is easy to transition it to LIFE and what ever your goal is from bulking to what ever.


Interesting day to end the diet… If you do decide to partake in a Christmas dinner realize that you are going to gain some weight back the next day (it might even be 3 to 5 pounds) based on your carb intake. Fear not, this will be water weight and not fat.

Other than that… You definitely want to transition slowly, adding solid meals that are low in carbs over the course of several weeks. The next 14 - 21 days will still resemble the V-diet closely.

Take a look at T-Dawg 2.0 and stick with that for a while.