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Post Up Your Food

As topic says, post up your meals. Great for meal ideas, inspiration and discussion. All us newbiez seem to do is eat, so might as well be uber strange and post the shot on a bulletin board :wink:

uggggh, how to post images?

Kuz I was a noob once too!

Here’s me and Big Lou during a bulking session.

turkey, stir fry veggies, and baked potato PWO

4:30AM - Workout

5AM - 1.5 cups oatmeal/milk with .5tsp cinnamon

8AM - 4Tbsp peanut butter and a pint of milk

10AM - Lunch 1 - Meat, starch, veggie. Eat until I’m full

12:30PM - Lunch 2 - same as above, eat until I’m full then drink another pint of milk.

3PM - Snack before workout. Simple sugars and some complex carbs.

3:30PM - workout

5PM - PWO meal - usually a couple of sandwiches.

7PM - Dinner - Meat, veggie, starch. Eat until I’m stuffed. Mostly because my wife is a great cook. In our first year together, I went from 150lbs skinny-ass to 215lbs borderline-fat-ass.

8:30 - Glass of milk before bed.

I still don’t have my diet perfect, and I know it. I average 170g of protein everyday just from food, no supplements at this time. When I can afford to, I’m going to add a protein/creatine/leucine shake after each workout. I know it’s only $70 for a month and a half supply, but money is really tight right now, and I’m not willing to sacrifice on the food.

chicken and veg

nuts and blueberries snack

bran flakes, milk, carrot and cheese snack

chicken, rice, tomatoes PWO

Shit now i’m ridiculously hungry.

salmon and mixed veg PWO

steak, broccoli, carrots, rice


It’s whats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

[quote]theuofh wrote:

It’s whats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. [/quote]

Too rare for me.

Todays eating:

10am: 4 eggs, 1C steamed broccoli, 1 banana

1pm: 8oz ground turkey (w/ taco seasoning), green beans, a scoop of natty PB

3pm: 1/2C almonds

5PM: Pre workout, 1 banana, 1 scp whey
training: light weights work for cardio, mobility, band crap, etc.
6pm Post W/O 3 scps waxy maize starch, 1 scp whey

soon (7pm) 8oz. ground beef, random veggie?

10pm 1C cottage cheese, natty PB, 10g dark chocolate (85% cacoa)

My FitDay for today

…and the rest


Steak and mashed garlic potatoes… Hawaiin Terryiaki marinated steakt though. Makes my day a little easier.