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Post UFC 100 - Hendo - Bisping




Bam I love it his annoying ass is out cold.



Goodnight Bisping hahaha!


It will be a great fight.


Dan Henderson is the fucking man!




Man is it great when fights go the way you want. Good for Henderson, enjoyed that one.


Cha Ching!


Yes! Dan Henderson is the fucking man! Ha! Bisping is out cold, LMFAO. The douche got knocked the fuck out.


God damnit. I hope Brock Lesnar gets fatally injured somehow


The jumping/flying punch/forearm smash to finish it off was pure awesomeness.


I thought Bisping kept saying 'punch exit right' in his prefight interviews... I guess he forgot how to box a righty! =facesmash. Bisping was running away the whole fight for what it's worth


maaan as soon as I saw Hendo holdin that right hand cocked the whole time..I knew one of those bombs was gonna connect and it was gonna be goodnight..I called that first round as soon as I saw him cockin that back..and BAM!
Same shit happens if you look up the fight Krazy Horse vs. KJ Noons...Krazy Horse follows him the whole fight with his right hand and just knocks KJ Noon OUT!


I am from England a BIG Hendo fan. That guy is cool man and he owns horses/ranch which is even more cool. Hendo epitomizes the talk with action mantra, but with class and respect. I remember when he said:
Yeah Rampage and Chuck are my friends, and i wanna make some money with my friends. (on fighting Rampage or Chuck)

I like Bisping too, i think he can learn from this but he did a BJ Penn and paid for it.


i was sooo pumped to see that KO....

although i will say, Bisping was pretty ripped. it almost looked like he cut too much...


Not a big fan of the punch hendo landed with Bisping on the ground...frankly that was a lot more disrespectful than anything Brock did...


A good MMA coach will teach his fighter to not stop until the ref pulls him off of his opponent.


I don't know about that. I don't like Bisping any more than the rest of you but once a guy is knocked out, it should be over. While Bisping is a big mouth jerk it's not like he broke into Hendo's house and tried to harm his children, I mean this is still a sport. I don't think anyone should be permanently injured (or worse) because of it.

Just my thoughts.


One of the first things you learn in MMA is to never stop until the referee interferes. And you probably didn't see the TUF series. Bisping was talking so much shit, and if it was Chuck or Rashad Evans was in Hendo's position, they would've done the same thing, heck if GSP was in Hendo's position, no matter how much class GSP has, he would've done the same thing. Bisping was talking so much shit, every episode of TUF was him being an ass. Glad he got knocked the fuck out, and the elbow/punch/forearm at the end was a nice touch.


Thats just a bullshit cop out. Hendo admitted he knew Bisping was out before he threw that last shot. Hell I was in a 3 round kickboxing match with this guy I had knocked down 6 times with 30 seconds left in the last round. The guy was on queer street, but I didn't try to kill him..I stayed away and walked out with the win..and my pride.