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Post UFC 100 - GSP - Alves




Great fight. GSP built up a big point lead and coasted... Hope GSP isn't hurt too bad...

GSP is just too good at too many things.


agreed, those legs by alves are sick but gsp executed and dumped him on his back repeatedly.


Yup, total dominance by GSP. I have no idea who he should fight next. I think I heard Rogan say that Joe Silva said it would be the winner of (I forget exactly who) basically John Doe and John Doe II. There's no one for him at 170.

Maybe he moves up to fight Anderson, but Anderson might have too much of a size advantage, and especially a huge reach advantage, which matters twice as much when that guy with the reach advantage is the most lethal striker in MMA, and can kick you in the head faster than most people can throw a jab.


I dont really want to see him move up...it feels like a gimmick to me.


He's gonna fight the winner of Kampman vs Swick. Both good fighters. Don't think either can pressure GSP.

Glad I changed my pick before the fight.

Too much RIDDUM!


Where did he hurt his groin, I missed that part of the fight i guess.

Overall dominance, he imposed his will quite well. Very impressive performance imo. I vote fight of the night.


Right leg, said it was in the 3rd round when he was on the ground and Thiago was pushin on his hip and he just felt it in his groin somethin pulled...
Said he turned out lucky cause it couldve been a bad situation for him in the fight etc etc. and couldve made a difference etc etc. but obviosuly didn't lol.


GSP: I think i pulled my groin... (looks anxious)
Jackson: What? I don't care if you pulled your groin, hit him with it. Keep the jab going, take him down when he comes at you and don't try take his back anymore. This is what makes champions.
GSP: Nods.
Jackson: What did i just say to you?
GSP: (Repeats what Jackson instructed)


rasturai, dude your avatar seriously bugs the shit out of me. WTF?

But on to the topic, FUCK YEAH! GSP is the best P4P. I think he should fight Silva just because, there's no one else in his weight class right now that can challenge him. Maybe they should do a catch weight bout.


GSP is the man! Total domination of the #1 contender, and injured for part of the fight no less.

I think he'll smash either Kampman or Swick. There really isn't anyone right now at WW who is going to give him serious problems IMO. Maybe Fitch or Alves in a few years, but not atm.

Kind of have mixed feelings on him moving up to MW though. Sure, I'd love to see him fight "the Spider", but he'd have to gain substantial weight to be competitive, and that could screw him in the long run unless he made a permanent switch to MW.


Jake Shields?


He's still with strikeforce isn't he?

Plus, I don't think he'd give GSP too many problems.


Yeah he is. but he's could always catch him in a five rounder.


Yeah I think currently Jack Shields would be the best fight for GSP at WW. He's got good wrestling/Jjitsu and decent striking. We won't be seeing the fight though because he has plans of his own in Strike Force.


Maaaaaybe, but the odds are strongly against him doing so. He's a good submission guy, but so were Penn and Hughes, and look what GSP did to them. And the longer the fight goes the less likely that he's going to catch GSP in something.


I was really nervous for GSP before this fight, but he's just so dominant.

He is SO well rounded, and he seems to be able to feel when the best time to take down a person is. The timing on some of his moves was absolutely impeccable, I re-watched in in slo-mo and just couldn't believe how quickly he could react.


I think he's a better sub guy than both he beat Leanardo Santos who beat GSP (in a submission comp) obviously its different because it's mma. I just think if there is a guy to do it it's Shields.


Remember what GSP said in pre-fight?: "I'm better at EVERYTHING."

A one-dimensional fighter is not going to beat GSP. Shields is in that category....he's great submission guy...but that's it.



Alves hung in there, but barely. GSP is just too good, and too consistent right now. maybe in a year or two he'll lose, but he's the Michael Jordan of MMA right now....