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Post TRT Cutting Cycle

Do we think there is much value in a recomp cycle?

I’m tempted to run a 12 week test cycle in an attempt to get from ~20%bf to 12%bf for an upcoming vacation in June. That’s about a 500 calorie/day deficit beginning January-April leaving the month of May for PCT.

Test Cypionate 200mg every 4 days
0.5 mg Arimidex on day of shot
HCG 200IU twice per week


4 weeks HCG@650 IU eod 3 days after last shot
Nolvadex 40mg/day during final week of HCG
Nolvadex 20mg/ every day for 3 weeks post HCG

Rough calculation says I need to loose about 15lbs of fat. I want to avoid muscle loss and maybe even gain a bit but I’m happy with my current mass. This year I hit 315 bench, 485 squat and 500 deadlift. I’ve lost some strength but it has stabilised post TRT 10-15% down on my TRT PR numbers.

Thoughts? If you think this is retarded let your voice be heard😆

Why did you come off TRT in the first place? Guessing not medically needed? Even then, if you’re still gonna use…

I wanted to use HCG to preserve fertility but it raised my e2 too much. This caused thick blood, elevated blood pressure and some ED. Prolactin also climbed somewhat. All have since been remedied in the months I’ve been off. I was also getting fed up of pinning and managing my meds constantly. Test, Arimidex, Cialis, viagra, HCG all the injection supplies, disposing of sharps responsibly etc not to mention the associated cost. My health was worse off which made the hassle not worth it. I do miss the gains though!

I don’t medically need it. FT was above average when I got on.

I think that’s well planned

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Sounds like a decent cut cycle to me. I’m not sure if I consider 500 cal deficit a “recomp”, but I think you’d be fine to run this with minimal muscle loss. You may not need as much test to accomplish that tho

Answered your own question here. Plus whatever results you get will diminish like they did last time

That’s a good point about the amount of test. TRT+ at 200-250mg/week would likely give me the additional protein synthesis potential and stave off the caloric deficit induced SHBG increase. I fully expect the negative sides I had whilst on TRT to return. I could probably manage them for 12-16 weeks though.

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This is a cut, pure and simple. Eliminate recomp from your vocabulary. Unless you’re using one of two specific compounds that make a recomp technically possible then what you’ll end up doing is little more than spinning your wheels.

Your PCT is overkill. Use the HCG during the cut and up until you start SERM. 250iu eod is all that’s necessary. Going far above that will add complications that don’t come with additional benefits. Use nolva at 20mg throughout. No need to use 40 at any point. Minimum effective dosage is always the preferred method.

Cut me some slack I’m a mere narcissistic mortal like the rest of us😆

I get this with respect to muscle tissue gained on cycle but given that it’s now proven that I can hold this modest amount of muscle naturally (I’m definitely not claiming I got it naturally…) I see fat lost with the aid of steroids a bit differently. If I continue to eat fairly cleanly at maintenance and train hard surely (i hope) I would hold the same muscle at ~12%body fat. I might even get a free T boost with the potential drop in aromatisation.

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I have not eliminated it from my vocabulary but I have from the post title. I now agree that was incorrect.

As in, in parallel with the HCG for 4 weeks after my last shot of test? I’m interested in using SERMs in this way, logically getting your pituitary going earlier than on cessation of HCG makes sense to me. There seems to be a lot of advice against using HCG and Nolva together.

Thanks for the input

Start the hcg before cycle ends. Run it two weeks post last injection. When you begin your nolva cease the hcg. That’s the best way to do it if we’re following the pure science of it.

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