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Post Tren/Sus Cycle Issue

ive finished up my second cycle of tren and sus, and just like after the first cycle my uppeer back and shoulders break out with awful acne. i was curious if there is any secret to prevent or even contain the breakouts. sounds like a longshot but worth a try


Ive never really gotten bad acne but I always used those medicated face whipes few times a day and a body wash in the shower and I always found gettin some sun helps

ive had bad acne nearly all my life even without the help of gear you’ll have to go to a doc if its real bad and get a script for doxycycline or tetrocycline. This prevents the bacteria from reproducing and use a bezoyl-peroxide to kill the existing bacteria. You could always go buy that infomercial BS its just good smelling benzoyl-peroxide.

do you guys think a strong pct, nolvadex for example would make a difference? im gonna be on it anyways just heard it should keep the acne down

my last cycle with tren ace really fucked my acne too… im debating accutane… ended my cycle about 5 months ago and just now getting it to come close to fully going away. ive even been using a dermatologist prescribed antibiotic for a couple months.

tren seems to be my cause.

Coming off Tren always gives me acne, especially Enanthate.

Two things have helped:
1.) Switch to Test for a period of time, (a week, a month, it doesn’t really matter) before coming off Tren.
2.) Crush your E towards the end of the cycle. Up your Aromasin/Adex/Letro/Whatever dose slightly, if you suffer low E symptoms, just pop a Clomid and problem solved.


im beginning to wonder if i should try a different AI… whats the other widely used AI besides Adex?

aromasin. Loads of people seem to prefer it.

what starting dose are most using? .5mg per day of adex still didnt seem like enough…

if .5mg of adex a day didn’t do much I would have serious reservations about using that source again. That’s too high a dose for most, with .5 eod being the standard. You might just be really sensitive to E sides though…

You could start with 6mg a day then bump it up to 12.5 a day if that’s not working

I had severe acne issues in my teens, however not too bad on cycle!

Took every damn pill the dermatologist gave me, even ro-accutane did nothing until she put me on the highest dose for my weight, then BAM. Gone in 2 months.

Ro-accutane and benzyl peroxide cream.