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Post Training Nutrition For Evening Lifter?

Coach, I was wondering if you had advice for those of us forced to train in the evening (start at after 6pm-end 7pm) I have a physical job (on my feet/lifting all day) Type 3, I’ve added carbs at both breakfast and lunch. Peri workout is 1-Finibar 1hr pre training, 3 servings Plazma during. My problem is what follows this, timing and food choice wise, given I have to be in bed by 10-10:30pm, it’s a short window, should I just focus on one large solid meal after training or another way.

I’m not opposed to anything, adding more supplements, Finibars, Plazma, hell I even have some extra bags of Surge Recovery, just not sure what I should focus on given the timing.

Jesus 3 servings of Plazma? You drink down 120 gr of carbs during your workout? Are a shredded 315 lbs mass monster?

I’ve trained late pretty much all my life and also a physical job. If you’re type 3 I’d advise having carbs at all your meals.

Personally I just have a meal after training, even, if it has happened (although rarely) that a big meal, especially fatty, prevented me a bit from sleeping

Are you experiencing some drawback of having to train late? Can’t sleep? If no, well don’t change anything and don’t worry about this

If you do, have carbs during your last meal, you could also add glycine


LOL, yeah, I’ve always tried to structure a majority of my carbs around training time(pre/during/post) my carb totals on training days are usually 300-330g range. Plazma, Finibars, even Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery are easy ways to add carbs+calories. My off days are usually protein+healthy fat meals for the first two meals and then backloaded with carbs towards the end of the day.

I’m walking miles a day w/moderate to heavy lifting throughout. My issue isn’t falling asleep, I take both glycine+either elite pro or ZMA. I believe it was either CT or John Meadows who said some people are thrifty with nutrients and some people are spenders(something to that effect) I’m the latter, I think lol. My issue is a lot of times that post training meal is coming straight out an hour later, so maybe I need to dial it back and eat less and add more elsewhere :man_shrugging:t3: Seems as if I’m just piling food on top of food which is no bueno for me.