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Post Thanksgiving meal PUMP

Damn! All that pigging out last night on turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry, desserts up the ying yang (pies, brownies, cookies, on and on, drinking regular Pepsi (no Diet!)…what a $%#@!#! PUMP I got today at the gym! Worked back and biceps today, and the muscles were packed with blood, veins popping out, if a mosquito stung me I would of exploded! Anyone else getting monster pumps??

Same here bro. That is why it is great for your training to carb up every 3rd or 4th day if you follow a consistently low to moderate carb diet like I do to stay lean.

Hell yeah, I had the greatest leg workout today. I did 1-6 because I was to tired for short rest periods, and my finishing one’s were 325 full ass to my heel squat, and Leg curl was 250lbs for 1, It sure is fun being big and smooth!