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Post-Thanksgiving Gym Crowd


Need a quick dose of inspiration?

Gotta love the post-Thanksgiving morning gym crowd... the toners and cardio junkies are nowhere to be found (or off shopping I suppose).

Thought you guys would appreciate this.....

Was in the gym this morning minding my own business when two "older" guys (mid-fifties I'd guess) come in wearing black satin USMC jackets and USMC embroidered caps. They took off the jackets revealing matching olive drab USMC sweats...looked like something out of a Clint Eastwood movie.

In the 30 minutes or so that followed these fellas knocked out set after set of pullups, dips (while holding a medicine ball between their feet), unanchored situps and dumbell lunges. Their pace was enough to make men half their age blush. Amidst the chaos of this self-inflicted torture they laughed and traded jokes, then put their jackets back on and left as quick as they came.

Put a little spring in my step this morning. Good stuff.


Well, that post absolutely ROCKS!


I just got back from my workout and noticed something similar. I think the majority of people who showed up today are genuinely concerned about getting back on track after last night's feast. The rest of the commoner's won't be back until the New Year as they're currently busy today shopping for cheap crap they don't need for the holidays.

Bah - you couldn't pay me to fight through those stupid shopping crowds today.



i thought the same thing! 645 this morning, i owned my gym for once. had such an intense back routine going, until some guy came in with his cell phone, deplorable!


Yea, this is pretty much the best time of year. For the first time ever, on Wed. night, I saw three other people besides me deadlifting at the same time!!! The squat rack curl guys were all in tears!!!


You all won't be laughing come January.


I hate January through March because the influx of new people really gets in my way.


Monday January 2nd... from about 5-8 PM in any gym in this country. Ugh. Absolute mayhem.


No. Shit. At my gymn, the Resolutioner crowd stays strong through the third week of January. By February, most are gone. I'd say about 2% of the Resolutioners actually embrace the habit and stick it out for good.

January 2nd. Shit. The thought is enough to make me consider taking the first two weeks of January off from training.


We have an indoor track at our exercise facility at the University of Washington. Normally it's dead quiet on the track (people are afraid of actually running so they use treadmills). Come Jan 2nd, we get an influx of...

wait for it...

Professional walkers! Every year it's so crowded it is IMPOSSIBLE to run.

That said, great day at the gym. Real quiet.


I'm just happy I get to miss the first week of chaos in the new year b/c I will be eating my ass off on a cruise. :slight_smile:


Note to self: Make sure to schedule that day as my training off day...


I'm already getting tense thinking about Jan 2. I can hear it already - "I love working out, this year's going to be different, I'm going to stick to it all year long and get in my best shape ever!!!"

Gone by Jan 15.

I agree with the 2% number completely, with 1% of that 2% (in other words, about 1 person every 5 years!!!) becoming someone worth showing the ropes and who actually wants to learn how to lift.

Machine - Good thinkig - Enjoy the cruise.


I'm glad I have my own gym. I don't miss this stuff for a minute.

Now, if only I could afford to buy the Elite glute-ham bench that I want so bad! :wink:


Unbelievable...but I guess in Washington it's too cold to walk outside in Jan...

...but STILL... come on people... go walk at the mall where you can get Baskin Robbins as a "reward" for burning 150 calories.


This is the time to be as loud and obnoxious as possible while lifting.

Grunt, drop heavy weights, keep your eyebrows down as if you're pissed off at the world and give intimidating looks to all the new customers.

They just might leave sooner than their 4-6 week average.

Plus, who needs the possibility of any competition? Lets keep the fat, unhealthy people fat and unhealthy.

The worse they look and feel, the better I look and feel.

Just kidding. Even though they do get in the way, and don't know proper gym etiquette, they're begginers and deserve the chance to better themselves.

It is unfortunate that so many quit so soon, but that could have a lot to do with them either doing too much too soon, or being intimidated from all the other people who act like they know what they're doing.

I remember the most intimidating people I knew were the ones who would get in their little cliques and talk, stare and laugh at everyone else more than they actually trained.

Luckily for me now, I don't care so much about what other people think and I've learned not to judge what others are doing because I don't know their goals or their current knowledge (I only judge those who talk the whole time and make fun of others).

I guess the point of this post is to remind everyone what it felt like when we were new to all of this and how intimidating it can be to workout in front of other people when you are obviously out of shape.

Plus, health insurance will be cheaper if we can keep more people healthy more often.


Luckily I don't have to put up with this anymore. Been in a hardcore gym for the past five years and I now have my own at home. I can train any time I please. Although, I wish I had some training partners to train with. Maybe that's what I'll Santa for for Christmas.