Post T-Dawg Advice

After 12 weeks on the T-Dawg diet, what is the best approach to get off it and still remain lean? I’m nearing the end of week 8, but I’m not really sure how to go about getting off the T-Dawg diet and cycling carbs back into my normal diet.

Would something like the “Get Unshredded Diet” be applicable in this situation or is that specifically designed for extreme diets only? When getting off the T-Dawg, what types of foods (and when) are best to reintroduce larger consumptions of carbs into my diet?

And how long should I ‘recover’ before I can starting consuming rice, pasta, potatoes and other carbs again without fear of adding back on the same amount fat I started with (if not more)?

Sorry if this was posted somewhere else already, but I couldn’t find a relating article specifically for post T-Dawg. Thanks a lot.

Well I see T-Dawg more as a life style then a quick fix diet. You simply keep the basics in place the timing etc and up the calories and if you like carbs a touch. go at it slow and see how it effects you.

After a while it should just be second nature a life. keep the carbs etc mainly clean from fruits veggies grains etc except PWO. good fats etc just adjust the total intake to fit your goals.

Works for me, Oh and dont get to damn anal about the P+C P+F thing I mean some fruit along with walnuts etc aint going to kill you. those are both good foods.

Just use the basic outline and adapt it a bit to fit you thats the beauty of T-Dawg.