Post-Surgery Workouts?

OK, yesterday I had surgery to remove a heel spur that was tearing my achilles tendon. Fun. Not too involved, I even get a walking cast tomorrow. However, I’ll be sitting at home for 2 weeks, and I have a nice home gym, there is no reason I can’t get in a good lift every day, or even more. I’ve been doing a full body workout 3 days a week, but with my right leg useless for lifting for now, I am not sure what I could be doing. Any ideas or programs for me? My long term goal is to lose 25 pounds by my birthday in April. I would greatly appreciate any help you gurus can provide. Thanks!


Only thing that really comes to mind is the increased stress on your body, which can be significant post-op. My dad just got knee replacement surgery and is wiped out…but your process seems less severe.

In any case, stress affects the body the same way, not matter if it’s the dog that keeps crapping in your underwear drawer or if your body was just opened up and repaired. If you are doing anything, I would limit it to upper body and low volume. When you have less ability to recover, volume is probably the most important thing to monitor. Correct me anyone if I’m wrong? Good luck dude.