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Post Surgery Workout and Diet Plan

Alright unfortunately I have to have surgery in a month. I am not allowed to do any lifting and or strenuous exercises for at least 3 weeks.

Now I’ve been bulking now for about a month taking creatine and eating a high protein, low carb diet (about 2 grams protein per lb). Working out regularly 6 days a week (alternating muscle groups). Now Im fairly happy with the mass I have so far.

I really dont want to loose what I’ve gained so far. And I figured this maybe the best time for me to cut or get lean. So Im looking for some diets to follow for that three weeks. Im going to speak to the doctor about running and lifting light weights.

So… if everything is alright with the doctor. Can anyone suggest me a good workout and diet to follow during this time… as well as supplements.

keep in mind I really wont be able to do much lifting if at all and at most some light jogging.

I need a diet to follow and some recommended supplements. I want to make sure that I dont loose most of the mass I have and get leaner at the same time…

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

train as hard as possible leading up to the op and then take the three weeks off and enjoy the recovery. supplement with leucine

after the recovery period ease back into your training and carry on bulking the way you were. you have only been doing it for a month, surely you are not ready to cut yet?

if you diet while not training all you are likely to do is acelerate muscle loss, not fat loss, so i would maintain your current diet.
hope this helps.

As stated above the Leucine article may be something you want to check out. Also BCAA’s will help in muscle retention.

I recently came off of multiple arm/hand surgeries and turned my focus to 100m sprint training for about 4 weeks.

I followed a program outlined by CW. It went like this…

Do three sessions a week, each session adding 1 sprint (Day 1 - 6 sprints; Day 2 - 7 sprints; Day 3 - 8 sprints)

Each week repeat the cycle but cut the rest period by 10 seconds.

To start you want to your work-rest ratio to be 1:10, week 2 will be 1:9, week 3 will be 1:8,etc.

For example, if it takes you 15 seconds to run the 100m then during week one you will rest 150 seconds, week 2 will be 135 seconds, etc.

It doesn’t seem like much but at the time I was very limited in what I could do. It was a nice change and it becomes quite challenging if you really pour yourself into it. I wish you all the best in a speedy recovery.


Thanks… for the advice alit4. I’ve been really bulking by December for 4 1/2 months. But the last two months I didnt count because i was only getting 1.2 grams of protein per day but for the last two months I’ve been drinking whey so its helped me get 2 grams per lb.

I’ve seen that article actually. So I definitely will try that out.

What about my diet any tips. Should I still be eating a high protein diet w/ low amount of carbs? How many grams of protein should i be eating per pound. Right now im at 2 per lb should i drop to 1 or 1.5 since i wont be working out?

Right now heres my meal for day to day

Oatmeal 2 packs w/ milk
Whey protein
3 whole eggs 3 egg whites w/ cheese


Post workout
Whey protein

sometimes I substitute for a ham sandwich on wheat bread for some fast digesting carbs.

Chicken and veggies

if you are gaining weight on that diet then fine, but you will need to add in more calories as the gains start to drop off. keep an eye on the scales and the mirror and adjust your calories as required.

personally not enough calories there for me, i eat very similar but with the addition of lots of almonds, peanut butter, seeds,more fruit and a ton of fish oil and vit.C