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Post Surgery Supplement Help

Hello All,
I know its probably been talked about before, but coming off the worst year of my life. Going in within the next few weeks for another surgery, and looking for any ideas on what to take post surgery for healing.

Here is the short of it. About a year ago I had an fissure in my rear (tear) from repping out deep squats, didnt figure out what it was until months later and continuing to train…messed it up bad…long periods of medicines trying to heal, no dice…surgery went bad, doctor botched it, major infection, and now I have a fistula which is two tears in the lining with a “tube” basically in between the tears from what I understand, and Ive also had major major digestive issues ever since too that I didnt have before the surgery.

Bloating, upset stomach, feels like I have the flu or food poisoning every other week. I needed the other surgery long ago but it took a while getting new doctors to figure out what went wrong because the original doctor just blew it off, “you will heal eventually, I dont know why you arent”…and now insurance red tape has held up the second surgery even longer.

This is what I took after last surgery:
-Glutamine high doses
-Multi Vitamin/Mineral
-Anti-Oxidant Blend
-Tons of Gatorade type drinks just because I couldnt eat forever,
Endurathon, etc.
-EFA formula and Fish Oil caps

Ive dropped about 10 pounds in the last year, and upped my bodyfat probably 10%…its been literal hell not being able to clean, squat, deadlift, snatch, or work out…training has always been my life…so after this surgery, hopefully which will not be botched, I can get on the fast track to recovery.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Also if anyone is a diet guru as far as eating things to keep a messed up digestive system from getting upset. I have to do high fiber (obviously), lots of hydration, but other than that I am not sure how to keep my stomach from feeling like I went 12 rounds of body blows from Mike Tyson everytime I eat or drink now.


If you had a fissure and now a fistula and digestive problems, you should really consider getting tested for Crohn’s.

dang…you serious, IM only 32? They are doing an EUA, will that be something they are checking for?

I’m not saying you have it, but it’s something to maybe ask the doctor. Could be many things.

Damn bro just wanted to say THAT SUCKS hate to hear it.Hope you get up and rolling soon

Ithink the supps you listed look great. Make sure also to stay well hydrated. Rest plenty but also get up/ou and be as active as you can.

Another huge thing the mind. its going to be/ has to be a bitch but try and stay positive and proactive try not and get down and focus on the positives no matter how small they are. KNOW!!! you’ll recover and faster then any ono projects. Make it happen. The mind can be a hell of an aid or enemy you choice.

Best of luck bro. you can beat this shit.

Thank you Reef, and thank you Phil for that. You are right and thats how I have to tackle this.

Ill ask the doc about possibilities…the digestive issues didnt start until after the surgery, and normally the first surgery you are supposed to be fine in a week to be walking around, I couldnt leave bed for 3 weeks, spasms and knee buckling pain…kept calling the doctor’s nurse to get an appointment, and she blew it off told me to take more pain meds…

when I got there and the doctor examined me, he looked shocked and “oh no something isnt good, blah blah” and the nurse had never told him I was calling. Needless to say, thats why I went through the hassle of changing doctors (what a pain with insurance), and getting 2 more opinions just to make sure this time.