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Post Surgery Recovery and AAS

having neck surgery end of this month…

going to start the rehab asap, probably later that week.

i was thinking of running HGH(of course), TRT levels of test, and Deca for my recovery cycle. reasoning is :

hgh, no brain-er, no need to explain to this crowd why o will run that…

test, for too obvious reasons, gonna run low levels, just enough to optimize me as far as TRT guidelines, want slow and steady and not muck with my estrogen levels.

Deca, i was thinking this for its reputation to promote connective tissue growth. from what i can tell, deca does this better than any other with the exception of HGH, of course

thoughts suggestions? either from what you know of 9it by study, word of mouth, or better yet personal experience with using AAS to optimize recovery and rehab after major surgery.

Heavy, I should preface this post by saying I know fuck all about the sauce, have never used it and dont know anyone who does use it, nor have I researched it all that well…

Having said that, Something called BPC 157 was recommended to someone I know after a surgery a while back and it caught my eye, and the VERY preliminary research I did on it seemed promising.

Again… I know jack shit, but I just thought maybe that could help you out based on what I remember.

I used a peptide called TB500 to clear up some tendon problems in my elbow, worked a charm. Not knowing anything about your injury I can’t say whether or not it’d work for you but you should google it and see.

If nothing else it’s a really powerful anti-inflammatory which should be of benefit. It’s not expensive either…

Honestly you have it pretty much nailed down.

300mg or so of Test of your choice, another 300mg or so of Deca, and a good rehab HGH protocol will blow everything away for post-op recovery.

Had invasive surgery for a patella repair and a torn Gastroc, ran 300 Test, 600 Deca with GHRP-6 + CJC 1295 no DAC 3x a day and I was cleared to train in 1/3 of the timeline the surgeon outlined.


I hope everything goe’s well in regards to your sergury and recovery. I was thinking? This olsd school wrestler on the Ric drasin youtube said that he got remarkable recovery from post sergical use of deca durabolin. Why not address this to your surgeon,as you are a bodybuilder and take your body seriosly.

I would ask him to Rx some hgh.I know it sound’s rediculous,but isn’t that the Real reason for anabolic steroid’s and the peptide.I bet he will disagree with the hgh,but give you some post operative limited quantity roid’s. what do you have to loose johnny

thanks for the responses so far. lots of food for thought.