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Post Surgery Healing Cycle Help


Hello guys, so as the title says, I injured myself in the beginning of the year, I fell and catched myself with my left arm at the last moment and that have broken distal end of my collar bone and also torn my AC joint.

I have received conventional therapy for the broken bone till now, but my doctor is not happy with the results so he planned a surgery for me on 11th of October. They will do AC joint resection, and if needed something with the bones. Till the injury I was lifting for 6 years and was a Men’s Physique competitor, I am 24 years old, 171 cm (5 ft 7 )and 73 kgs(158 lbs) in peak week befor water cut in the prep for my last show.

I have never used anything banned before, achieved everything naturally yet. But with that said, my doctor told me that probably he will prescribe HGH for me after the surgery for faster recovery, which should take around 6 weeks of rehab to get full mobility of the arm, so it would be possible to start strenghtening exercises again. So I told myself that I should utilize everything in hope of being able to exercise again(not only lifting, I also play tennis).

I know roughly what anabolics there are and what their effects are but this is where I hope to get your help. I would like to run Deca or Equipoise to speed up the recovery( gaining size is not the goal here). But I hear they cause stim dick. So my question is, which one of this compounds is better for my goal? How much and how should I take them ? For how long ? Can the stim dick be counteracted with Test, so that the healing properties won’t get lost ? If so which type of Test should I run and how much of it ? I also don’t know anything about what should be taken during the cycle and how to PCT and hopefully restore my natural test production after it. In advance thanks for any help.

Here are some pics of me before the injury: https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/12729068_10205933542923311_7123221063957827814_n.jpg?oh=208b85be24b8145b4a7785500dcbdc8b&oe=58525DA0&gda=1482182879_4066ce73e6e47e4beca9c6bc9847dd02


Hello, I never did compete in natural category so It’s OK … I was always competing against boosted guys, the federation is local part of IFBB but i was doing well so I didn’t care, i would rather keep my money. But now, the goal is to have the arm hopefully fully functional and without pain. Also my elbows were getting pretty banged up from tennis and lifting.


HGH, GHRPs, GHRH, and mk 677 would all be helpful, something thats really aggressive if you have money is stem cell injections, they speed healing way up