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Post Surgery Bodyweight Workout?


I got shoulder sugery (torn labrum) on June 16 and its been a slow and painful recovery. Doctor says I wont be able to lift until earliest December. But now Im eating bad and I'm not working out which is a deadly combination. What can I do? I'm 6'2" 34 yrs old 214 lbs and 20 bf. Any suggestions both positive or negative will help and motivate me.


I tore my labrum and had the slap tear repair surgery so I know what you're going through.

The doc told me that I wouldnt be able to lift for 6+ months but I was back in the gym after 2.5-3 months. I wanted to get some conditioning stuff going before that but for the first month or so I couldnt do anything because it hurt to do cardio (shoulder bouncing around and what not)

If you shoulder feels ok you could try riding the stationary bike for some conditioning. You really should just concentrate on dialing in your diet right now so that you can minimize any fat gain while you're unable to workout.

Let me know if you have any questions. My other suggestion is to be aggressive with your rehab. If your PT tells you to do internal/external rotation w/ bands then do em. Do everything you can do at home to help your recovery. I was doing all of that stuff a lot and it helped me recovery very quickly.

Good luck man


@gregron Thanks man will do. I was thinking just doing bike and bodyweight squats and lunges and maybe some situps.


Sounds good man. I'd take the time to focus on diet and be AGGRESSIVE with rehab like gregon said. This is crucial. You're fairly young IMO and I think your doc will recognize that and be pretty aggressive with you. If not, try and explain to the guy that your a healthy, young male that has a back round in physical activity and explain that you're motivated to get back at it. Most docs I know are usually pretty good with your wishes as long as you level with them. It's a tricky approach though, me being 20 most docs are not used to a kid trying to give them suggestions. Sometimes when I throw out a suggestion I get the "What do I know? I'm just a doctor" attitude. They're a sensitive group to say the least. I'd also recommend stationary bike. It'll be good for your head. BW squats rule and lunges as well but at the same time, don't blow this. I spent about 2 years in the hospital so I've learned to read my body fairly well. I'm hoping you can do the same so that way you'll know when you're ready to go and what your capable of doing. Just remember your still young. Let this thing heal. Rehab it properly and then when the time comes you'll be ready to get right back into it. You have to appreciate recovery, which sucks but it'll be well worth it when the time comes. You'll have great motivation built up and be ready to go hard. In the meantime, challenge yourself in others ways, diet and knowledge (reading). All the best, cheers.

Oh yeah, sit ups? Put a ban on all spinal flexion.


I dont know how your shoulder feels but I couldnt do any bodyweight squats/lunges for over 2 months, the "bouncing" feeling hurt my shoulder... thats why I couldnt do the eliptical either. I was strictly a stationary bike guy... and it was lame (treadmill walking hurt. That little jarring feeling sucked)

After my shoulder healed up somewhat I was able to get in the gym and hit machines mostly. Those were good for me because I didnt have to do any weight loading and it didnt jar like a lunge or squat. once my shoulder felt even better I did belt squats a few times:

Kinda like that video but with just a chain belt for dips/pull ups. It was kind of a hassle to get all set up with only one arm so I didnt do them very often, but its an idea.


Thanks for all the advice guys.