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Post Surgery and Masteron Update

So, as many of you know, I had surgery to repair my left rotator cuff tendon on Jan 25. My six week follow up was March 7 and I was released from the sling. I am my own worst enemy, I haven’t done anything to my shoulder but it feels so good that I really need to be careful of re-tearing it.

I was in Atlanta this weekend visiting my daughter and her husband. They both attend Emory and we decided to hit the gym on campus and do legs. I also ended up doing a little “empty” cable work and it made me pretty sore. My PT chastised me this morning about not stressing my shoulder again for at least a few more weeks. (BTW, I was the OLDEST person in the entire gym. I felt damn old). :older_man:

On to the Masteron…When I ran my blast of NPP and Test, the NPP had a negative effect on my erection quality. I reduced the dose and bumped up the Test and relied a little more on Cialis to make up the difference. I’ve since ended the blast about 2 months ago and was still feeling some ED from time to time.
I figured that my DHT levels had decreased from the NPP, so ordered Masteron to add to my cruise dose on Test. I’ve have about 4 injections of Mast since (2 x week) of 100 mg/shot. I’m happy to report that my erection quality has improved significantly.

I know some of you guys were interested in the Mast effects @Singhbuilder, @hrdlvn, @alldayeveryday, @jackolee


Stay vigilant Grandpa Stud. Only a couple weeks. How old are ya?

Stud, you cycling Mast P or Mast E?

Just turned 54

I like Mast E so I can pin with my test

Cool I was thinking of doing the same thing. Mast E, 200mg/wk for 10 weeks to see if it helped with lingering ED issues from Nandrolone. I wasn’t sure how fast it would kick.

Seems to be working for me. No reason not to think it wouldn’t work for you.

That’s awesome man! Glad to hear it’s helping. I’m not taking anything right now for the 2 weeks leading up to the show to make sure I don’t hold any water. I’m ready to get some test back in me lol!

Looking good Jack. I’ve been silently following your log. Best of luck in the comp!

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Glas to read your recovery is coming along well. Did your PT have any recommendations for getting your shoulder built back up? I would guess low weigh high reps maybe with lots of warmup movements with no weight. I’m sure you’ve seen this guy on YT but just incase check Jeff out.

Thanks man! About to post labs in my thread about my next blast that I’m planning. Take a look if you want

Well, he’s got me for about another 6 weeks and I know he will move me from active assist to strength training over that time.

Did that rotator cuff journey a few years back, and it’s humbling. But also provided a challenge. After I got through the rehab and gained some strength back through high rep, light weight training, ran a little test and var to get rebalanced and strong, and worked great. Crazy how much a man’s arm can atrophy. But was cool to bring it back from the dead.

This is actually my third RC repair. I can’t seem to stop hurting myself.

It sounds like you need to really look at the exersizes you are doing, identify the one that is causing this injury and find an alternative.
Shoulder impingement is a biggy for me. I find ways to cheat the exersize so there is no impingement.

The first two were stupid shit like falling on the ice and swinging a sledgehammer to break up tile. This last time was doing heavy dumbbell with out a spotter and it got away from me and tweaked my shoulder

Great to hear about the masteron clearing up some problems Stud. I just finished the NPP and moved onto tren ace. Still taking the proviron until my masteron phase. Had a slight few days of limper mode but I think its due to stress more than anything lol

Heavy dumbbells is how I did mine as well. Started with impingement and bone spurs. In the time I was taking to consider minor cleanup surgery, I popped the sucker.

Since then, I’ve had to teach myself a new way to lift. Have always been a fast-twitch power guy, but slow and controlled is the name of the game these days.

When you get back in the gym, getcha one of these: benchblokz.com

Best thing I ever bought. Used in conjunction with a smith machine for bench press, it really protects the shoulders. I now pre-exhaust with cable flies, go heavy on smith and then high reps, light weight with dumbbells and my shoulders feel better than ever.

No that you asked for any of that info … just have a soft spot for anyone that has to go through the hell of RT surgery.

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Awesome! Thanks for the info.

I really like this protocol. Not too unlike what I was doing before.

Do you do any over head pressing? Before, I used the smith for my overhead presses. Both in front of and behind the neck. Hopefully, I can get there again.

Zero overhead pressing and only light weight, high-reps on the incline.

My shoulder workouts consist of a shitload of front, side and rear delt work, and my shoulder mass has actually improved quite a bit since the overhead pressing days. Not saying they don’t have a place and that I shouldn’t be doing them, but the risk and pain don’t seem to be worth it for a dude who just turned 40 and isn’t entering any athletic competitions where overhead strength is important.