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Post Surgery Alterations


Hi Jim
I'm currently 7.5 months out from second surgery on my shoulder(had retear)
After doing the pt exercises for x months I did the BBB six week challenge;
Presses were dumbbell with a starting max of 60lb totals, 70 total on floor press(no bench allowed)
Ssb squats 370, and dl day was yoke runs (not allowed dl until dec)

I'm about to start next cycle today and just going to do 6 weeks of classic BBB, then 6 weeks of BBB 5s variation

I know you hate people messing with the routines but I want to get back into 531 so limited with the dl being out for now and regular bench being out currently and using floor press.

I tested rdl's and felt okay on shoulder so thinking instead of yoke (and still no dl allowed) to do those starting light, sound fine?

Since my pressing is super light should I be doing more than 531 then 5x10 or just take it slow? Like add FSL or anything.

Press 531
Band Pullaparts 5x20

Floor press 5x10
Seated rows 5x10

Bi/tri 3x10

Squat 531

Rdl's 5x10
Abs 5x10
Waiter walks 3x60ft (for shoulder )

Floor press 531
Band pullaparts 5x20

Press 5x10
Bent rows 5x10

Bi/tri 3x10
Rdl 531

Squat 5x10
Abs 5x10

Waited walks 3x60ft

any advice going forward appreciated!
Thank you!


Train what is trainable, to quote someone.

Only you will know what you can and cannot do.

#1, get better.
#2, everything else.

Good luck