Post Surgery - 5 Months

Well, the 5 month mark will be May 23.

The repair to my abdominal rectus hernia seems to be doing well. To recap, I had a left mid rectus hernia from birth that finally perforated while lifting this winter. They made a 3" incision so that they could repair the rectus muscles from the inside out, including both walls. They also placed mesh inside for added strength.

I started lifting heavy after 8 weeks.
I have competed in two Highland Games so far this season, Southern MD on 4/24 and Kentucky on 5/8.

My core still has a long way to go before I get it to preop strength. Right now it is difficult to transfer the speed and power in my legs to my upper body in the throws. The good news is that I saw improvement from Southern MD, where I felt no core strength to Kentucky, where I set 3 PRs including my first score in the 16# sheaf (a height event using a rope filled burlap bag).

The hardest part was realizing how much one needs their abs to be strong when doing deads, squats, and Olys. Right now my numbers are down and my sqaut downright sucks. But I know it will gradually get better with patience and persistance.

For anyone that has anything similar done to them, this is what I am doing to help build my core back up:

Everyday, in the morning and before bed~

Seated medball twists
Standing medball twists (help from wife)
Two handed medball swing (between legs and then over head)
‘Core Blaster’ Swings (from DanJohn’s throwing site)
Russian Twists on floor
Medball russian twists on exercise ball
Side crunches
Reverse crunches
Decline crunches

I pick 4 to do each session, never repeating the same exercises the same day. Every 4th day I rest and let them relax a bit.


Welcome back heavy,
Glad to hear recovery is doing so well. Southern MD huh? Wish I’d have known about it, I’d have like to been a spectator. Any site I can go to check out the schedule?

Wow, heavysprout, I can’t believe it’s been 5 months already. Glad to hear about your great progress and determination!

You’ve got iron balls. You know what you’re doing; just keep on doing it.
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”

Joe, Anderson, and hackt~

Thanks a lot.
I got quite a few, “should you be out here already?” from some of the athletes. And after slamming my 157# frame around for 10 hours i wondered that as well. But the results and the confidence i gained this weekend was definitely worth it.

My next games are McHenry, MD and Alexandria, VA (6/5 and 7/24).