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Post Summer Workout

Hello all;

So I am having a lot of issues here with finding a program to follow for the rest of the year. Just finished my summer break and I did a lot of research. I found the one provided (I,BODYBUILDER), but then on the forums Chris said to follow the 10 day cycle, it is better.

I was just wondering if I could get some final advice before I follow through with this. Would this workout be recommended for some one like me? I consider myself skinny fat and hopping to take some pre-workout mass gainer shake, but I was hoping to try and keep my food as clean as possible.

Well in essence I was just wondering if any one has tried this work out, and if this workout is good for gaining size (with strength, but primarily focused on a size gain). I am 6"1 and 150 pounds, I have a fair amount of fat around my belly too, so hoping to spend the last two months of the year cutting.

Thanks in advance, sorry if a question seems stupid here :slight_smile:


[quote]PulsedEE wrote:

Lol fair enough, but I am sure there is more to it. I read something along the lines of less volume workouts are better, so not high reps :slight_smile:

Why would you assume coach like CT would be recommending you to do some program if it wasn’t tried by anyone and didn’t produce any results? No way you can be very fat at that height, you are just weak and lack muscle, learn the basic lifts and pick a program that focuses on loading those lifts progresively, you should be able to make some pretty solid progress for at least 6 months as long as you remember to eat. Just keep the proteins at 1g/lb of bodyweight and make sure to get in enough carbs pre and post workout and depending on how concerned you are by carbs and fat gain in general focus the extra calories on more complex quality carbs and healthy fats. Make sure to hit atleast +500kcals over maintenance and you should start to see some changes in the mirror.

" eat for size, train for strength."

Oh, and probably post in the beginners section to get “kinder” advice.

[quote]Gambit_Lost wrote:
" eat for size, train for strength."

Oh, and probably post in the beginners section to get “kinder” advice. [/quote]


OP, there’s going to be a few factors that you should probably consider when picking a program:

-Where are you at right now? I’m assuming you’re a beginner from your stats, so pick appropriate programming. Most here will probably recommend a basic strength program.
-Schedule. Which days of the week can you CONSISTENTLY train and for how long.
-Any health-related issues that might be relevant.

I’d say you should probably head over to the Beginner’s section (no shame, there’s a lot of good information/posters there that are helpful to everybody there) and post your recent bests in the big 3, diet, the stuff I mentioned above, and anything else you think is relevant.

And if you want size, it really is mostly about diet.

[quote]Wollveren wrote:
I am 6"1 and 150 pounds,


something like madcow or a basic BB split would be a much better choice at this stage