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Post-Sugery HGH and Steriod Use

So two years ago during a martial arts competition I dislocated my shoulder. I’m going in for surgery for a torn labrum in two months. I plan on taking growth and test for recovery. I’ve not taken anything in the past so I’d like to get some feed back on potential stacks, timing and dosages.

Thanks on advance.

If you are young, your GH levels are probably good now. Any GH that you take decreases your own production. So if you are creating 1iu today, the first iu that you take does nothing. 2 iu would ramp things up a lot, T would help reduce catabolic effects of reduced muscle activity. You might heal a bit faster, but perhaps not any better. Physiotherapy can be a critical factor.

Have you used gear and done PCT properly before?

Post surgery, there are a lot of growth factors and generations of cell types that are going to get most of the work done. Don’t neglect diet and supplements. Vitamin C, natural source E, vit-D3 and essential fatty acids will help with the negative aspects of inflammation and healing.