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Post Strength Challenge PRs

Haldor here. Here are my results after completng the strength challenge:

Squat: 330–>355. After focusng on rebuldng my squat for the past year, really happy wth ths. Nowehre to go but up!

Bench: 260–>275. 275 went up slow, got stuc on the top porton of the lft, but stll put the lft up myself. Let’s put that to 270.

Deadlft: Yeah about that. Rebuldng the dead now so what was done was a super mega perfect form PR whch turned out to be 325. Not as wea as thought!

Press: Ddn’t push t all the way to a PR, but got 180 for a clean double. mght be able to push bodyweght, but let’s wat untl next cycle.

Overall, 'm lovng these results. 5/3/1 sn’t just a strength bulder, but a great learnng experence. learned what to do and what not to do, found a bunch of weanesses and how to fx them, and how to be more dscplned on a specfc program.

Wll report bac after some new PRs!

Thanks for the post and the positive feedback. I appreciate it.