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Post-steroid infertility

I’m 25 years old and I’ve been going to the gym for about a year and I just recently did a “cycle” consisting in Primoteston and Primobolan for about 12 weeks. A friend at the gym (a bodybuilder) told me that I had to take something called Profasi to make sure that my fertility will recuperate after the testosterone injections. I did a little reaserch and I found that Profasi is prescribed for infertility on women, so that confused me a bit and to make matters worse it’s out of stock but I found other stuff like it but it’s also for women. Must I take something like that? Can I use other stuff than Profasi if that’s the case? I hope somebody can show me the light.

I doubt you’re infertile after just one cycle. You are, however, a dumbass for using gear with only a year of training under your belt. Sounds like you REALLY educated yourself before you did it too.

Profasi is HCG, and will increase testosterone
levels and sperm count while taken. In my
opinion optimal dosing pattern is 500 IU
(not 5000 IU) taken every day. This can
be done subcutaneously with an insulin needle
if the solution is 5000 IU per mL, just
use 10 “IU” as marked on the insulin needle.
This is 1/10 mL, therefore 500 IU HCG.

I really do not care how many sources
you find that say 5000 IU. Many people do
not realize that the medical profession
quite typically compromises dosing rather
strongly for the sake of minimizing
frequency of administration, especially
for injectables. So they recommend less
frequent doses, but the doses being less
frequent, they are forced to use megadoses.
You should not do that, it is quite inferior.

HCG does not improve your body’s production
of LH which you need to produce testosterone
naturally, but just acts as a substitute for