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Post Steroid-Cycle Effects

Kinda new to this site so im not sure im posting in the right forums, but regardless this is my question.

Ive been taking a close look at steroids for the past couple months and my trainer and training partners have all alerted me of a serious post-cycle downer. As they say " what goes up, must come down" and supposedly this is very true when it comes to serious steroid use.

I’ve had my own experience with testosterone Enanthate but it was a tiny cycle ( 1.5 cc every 4 days, 2 months) and havent had any major effects or side effects to report. So my question is for those who have extensive knowledge and experience with them; is the post-cycle down that bad? and what effects came up, and how long did they last?


Never really been bad for me. In my second week of pct right now, strength is down a little but nothing to complain about, weight is down but I think it’s just water weight, still bigger and stronger before i started. Mood is good, I feel good but can tell I’m not “on”. I’ve always kept my goals realistic so I’m never disappointed.

Were you stacking or using a single product at a time?

Just test E and dbol. Been over a year since my last cycle so I kept it simple for this one. Frontloaded the test but this time I added the dbol in week 5, thought I’d try this to see how it went mid cycle.

aright thx!

aright thx!

I’ve never had any PCT sides aside from breaking out moderately bad on my shoulders/back which is pretty normal. Never really experienced any psychological sides, but that’s also because I never had any preconceived notions that I would keep everything I gained on cycle. When you end with more than you started with, you have to chalk it up as a win.

Although I have to say, I am really not looking forward to this upcoming PCT.

I just find my libido drops till my natural test comes back. Find it pretty interesting having no sex drive for a bit then waking up wanting to fuck anything that moves. As queef said if you realize your gains and workouts won’t be exactly the same the psychological aspect should be fine. On my last 2 weeks of my cycle I draw up my pct workouts keeping my loads def a little less. Also I stick to that program, purposely not trying to reciprocate my “on” workouts.