Post-Sprint Expansion

For the past four years of my life (I am currently a senior in college) I have participated in a sport known as Sprint Football. This varsity sport is full contact NCAA football but with the stipulation that players must weigh in at or below 172.0 lbs twice a week in season. Therefore, I have maintained a bodyweight at or around 180 pounds during my time in college.

With the passing of my last game, I now have the ability to weigh whatever I would like to weigh. My target weight is 195 pounds at ~10% bodyfat. From there, I’ll see how I feel and decide where to go.

For the next couple months, I am going to use the old HSS-100 plan, as I used it in the past with good effect, and I figure it will be a nice change of pace from the heavy lifting I’m used to. It will actually be the first time since high school I use a body part split, and I’m pretty excited to mix it up.

Currently I am dealing with a shoulder I separated about a month ago and potentially two fractures in my hand. However, I’ve found ways to avoid aggravating these injuries, and until I visit the doctor tomorrow to look at my hand nothing is wrong as far as I’m concerned.

Previous Bests
Bench: 260
Squat: 350
Deadlift: 405
Power Clean: 255

Current Stats
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 180 lb

So after a long road I have worked my way back to my previous personal bests.

Bench: 255
Squat: 355
Deadlift: 405 (x2)

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 190

I maxed earlier today (yesterday I suppose) as I will be going on vacation for the next two weeks and will have limited access to a gym. Instead, I will be doing mostly cardiovascular work. Upon my return I will get back to the iron.

My goal moving forward is to post the following lifts by the end of the calendar year:

Bench: 300
Squat: 400
Deadlift: 500