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Post-Smolov Testing Results

Hi all,
Just tested my squat after the intense mesocycle of Smolov, and added another 15kg to reach 185kg (405 lbs?).Will post results of bench and deadlift tests when completed tomorrow (hopeful of a decent increase for both), but I’m very pleased already after adding a total of 45kg to my squat (from 140kg-185kg)!
Here’s a video of the squat test:
(age 15 years, at 82kg BW, with belt and wraps)

Just tested bench and deadlift, had a terrible start with the bench and decided to test in the week, but went for the deadlifts and hit 170kg without too much trouble before calling it a day (definitely a bad idea to test today, felt a bit flat after the huge squat PR). I will update again when I finally test in the week, but regardless of this I am delighted with my Smolov results and would recommend it to anyone. Still, I believe that I can hit a record in bench as well given a bit of rest - my upper body doesn’t seem to recover very quickly for some reason, always needs an extra day or two, despite being used to fairly high frequency training.

congrats on the PR

you’d like to post this on the “Smolov experience thread for all”, which has many smolov routines on a single thread, you could learn a few things from it