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Post Show Rebound


Hi Shadow,

Read both threads & picked up plenty of great advice.

I compete at the national level over here in the uk, training 15 years used AAS last 4-5 years so around 6-8 cycles in total both offseason (test 500-750g p/w never gone higher then this & npp 400mg p/w) & pre contest usually (test p 300mg p/w, tren A 300mg p/w, mast 300mg p/w with t3/clen).

I am just about to compete this weekend again at the nationals (heavys), & have gotten down to around 5% bf. I saw in your first thread that you recommended a rebound phase/cycle of 12-16 weeks to rebound & gain strength & size like crazy for someone who weighed around 170lbs post show at 7-8%bf,

I am 6ft, 210lbs contest weight now at around 5% bf...........

The Cycle you recommended to this person was,

Sus 750mg week
Eq 400mg week
Tren E 400mg week
Hcg 250iu every 3rd day
D Bol or t-Bol first 6-8 weeks (optional)
Nova 20mg a day

I have never done a rebound cycle & feel I would benefit greatly from a good blast of 12-16 weeks to gain as much quality tissue as possible as I need to be a bigger true heavyweight for 2015.
I would then do my full pct & either cruise or come off completely for 8-12 weeks to recover depending on your recommendations...........

I am 39years of age & do not want kids by the way.

As any good bodybuilder knows, immediately post show is an ideal time to gain new size/muscle due to extreme low b/f & insulin sensitivity.

Would you recommend the same or similar cycle/dosages above for myself? As you stated it was moderate dosages, or would you recommend slightly higher dosages due to my size/weight & years training &AAS use & whether you think adding gh/insulin to this cycle would be beneficial to gain even more?

Gh would be 4iu day & insulin 5iu pre workout to begin with alongside my plazma intra.

Would be first time for me using insulin & I have done some research from people using slin as well as reading your protocols.

My nutrition post show this week would be

Carbs 600g
Protein 350g
Fats 50g

Are these numbers sufficient to gain without gaining too much fat?

Cheat meal once a week.

Many thanks for your time.


Didnt post this in shadows thread… Anyways. 600 carbs looks pretty high for 210, because you will be sensitive post show with depletion i wouldnt reccoment going this high. I just competed at about 200 4/5% bf and my carbs are at 300 or so compared to my bulking 550/600, protein at 450/500 and fats around 100. water and a little fat bumped me up to 210 post show. A little softer but still hard and full and keeping really good shape.