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Post-Show Diet and Training Recommendations?

Hello Everyone!
I am competing in my first Classic Physique Show this June and was wonder if any one had any recommendation of what to do after the show.

I have heard a lot of horror stories about people having massive cheat meals after, getting sick and bloating like crazy.

Does anyone have any insight on a post show nutrition and training regimen out line or school of thought?

After a contest, your body is primed to put on fat, not muscle (forget what you read in old Flex magazines, they lied). You have pushed your body to the point where it thinks you’re trying to kill it, with excessive physical activity and not enough nutrients for an extended period of time.

Your metabolism is slowed,
Your insulin sensitivity is possibly skewed, and
Your mental perception that you’re going to continue to look contest ready forever will mess with your head if you let it.

I’;m not going to try and sell you on reverse dieting, because some people love it, and some people think its a scam, BUT, I will say this:

-Don’t just stop cardio if you’ve been doing a decent amount. It will knock your caloric equation right off the tracks.
-Don’t assume if you’ve been eating low carb that now you must stay that way, or even that now can just eat whatever you want.
-Don’t foolishly think you can start eating what your caloric requirements were BEFORE your prep. You won’t be happy!

I always brought myself out of a prep in small steps. Nothing like the “twice as long as your prep was” like some folks recommend, but even with my clients, I always advise that you increase your weekly bumps in chunks of mostly carbs. ie. 20g - 50g of carbs added each week (100 -200 cals) will have you back at a decent amouint of food fairly quickly, and if you’re lucky (and smart), your system will acclimate to it (heightened insulin sensitivity from being lean?!) and make use of the added nutrients.

It gets a little more complicated, but No one wants me to write a book on here :slight_smile:


Write a book dammit! (not on here lol an actual book )


All of this information is extremely helpful! Thank you!

I agree with @strongmangoals that you should write a book on this for sure!!

lol thanks guys. @BrickHead and I have actually been toying with that idea for a while now. We answer so many questions every week, that this might actually be a fun little thing for us to do
Together, drawing on both of our knowledge bass and experiences :slight_smile:

Hopefully, with everyone nowadays who’s ever done a Push-up and taken a selfie putting out their own info, we’d get enough of a reception to make it a worthwhile undertaking if we did.


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