Post-Show Androsol Cycle

Hello all,
In just over 3 weeks I am competing in a “natural” show. I am right on track and will probably compete between 170 and 180 pending on how the carb up goes!
I know I will grow after the show after being on such a restricted diet for so long; after previous competitions I always put on size. I have decided not to compete in "natural " shows in order to use Androsol and Biotest’s other prohormones down the line and I am curious about everyone’s opinion on whether I should start taking Androsol right away or let my body stabilize a bit after the show and then start.
In the past I have always gained plenty of fat and have to work extra hard to get ready to compete the next time. I put on size fairly easily but don’t get lean very fast! This time I plan on staying leaner year round.
Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!-

What,no one even has an opinion on proh-ormone or AS use after a contest? Do you think the body will have a greater or lesser response? ANY IDEAS AT ALL?

After being depleted during contest prep the body is often primed to make some good ‘rebound’ gains. Many times I hear competitors lament that they look better a day or two after the show after they have pigged out. This would indicate incomplete glycogen supercompensation before the show. Obviously, you would want this muscle fullnes before a show, not after.

You could take advantage of this period but don’t go crazy with the calories since the enzymes can only induce muscle glycogen deposition to a certain degree and the effect is transient. The rest will be readily deposited to bodyfat, as metabolism is often somewhat sluggish after such calorie restriction before a show. It could be an ideal time to use Androsol to embellish this natural anabolic effect through increased nutrient partitioning, nitrogen retention, and glycogen deposition while shunting calories to some degree away from adipose tissue and into da musclez. I’m not telling you to do this, it is merely my personal observation.

Sounds like a plan to me, Matt. I say go for it and then keep us posted on your progress!

Thanks for the feedback guys. I am hypothesizing that a cycle right after will yield awesome results! Right now I plan on taking one week off from training and then start the Androsol cycle. I will keep you updated on my progress! - Matt