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Post-Sheiko... More Sheiko or WSB?


Hi everyone,

I just finished a sheiko template for 4 weeks, I only used the bench weights (I used different templates for lowerbody).

I have never trained with bands for bench press, and I notice I have a really slow way of pressing the bar. Would I benefit from doing some kind of bench WSB for a month, and then returning to sheiko?
Or should I do sheiko for another month now that I'm used to the high bench loads anyways?



You are the only one that can actually decide this. I would recommend sticking with one method for a period of time and be careful not to be that guy who tries a new program each week. Or even worse combines 3 or 4 programs. The Westside template would be a good choice. I am unfamiliar with Sheiko except from McGorry?s article. You could do about any program as long as it had some dynamic effort work. Remember when doing DE work it may not seem to challenging. Just focus on moving the bar AS FAST AS POSSIBLE each set.


Well it's a difficult choice.. I think you normally do 2 cycles of the volume phase of sheiko before changing to the competition phase... there must be a good reason for that. Wouldn't it be more beneficial like that, than starting a new cycle in another month?


Says who?

What if you don't have a competition coming up?


Well I read about two basic cycles of sheiko, followed by the competition phase.

So you think I can get the same/better results if I add the band work for a month first? The advantage would be that my shoulders can relax for a few weeks, which I strained a lot this week with a few fails here and there :frowning:


Oh and also... If i were to continu to "monthly training program 2" for sheiko, do I enter my new virtual PR (after completing sheiko I), or do I calculate the %'s of my old 1RM?