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Post-SERM AI Necessary?


@KSman you’ve mentioned in a few posts that after after doing a restart and finishing the SERM, that you should take an AI for awhile.

Is that because coming off of SERMS can cause a reflex-increase in Estrogen?

I know that SERMs cause my estrogen to skydive. So im just wondering if you think i’ll need an AI after I finish the SERM.


SERMs do not reduce estrogen levels, but perhaps if things are really screwed up.

When you stop/taper off a SERM with PCT or a HPTA restart, the HPTA that was blinded to E2 by the SERM can shutdown or rebound when it sees E2. If you are cruising on low dose AI, that can prevent that. You want to do everything possible to make a restart work.


Thanks. This is all so confusing. I read all your stickies and comments, and each time you speak I walk away from it with 10 new questions. Sorry.

  1. So I start Nolva in a week after 5 weeks HCG. I only need an AI while on Nolva if my estrogen levels are getting high, correct?

  2. But I definitely need it afterwards, no matter what, correct? How long and what dose?

  3. I was told taking an AI with Nolva has an added benefit of keeping SHBG levels down/normal. Is that just a result of controlling high estrogen, or something separate?


1 You want lower E2 as I always suggest. Avoiding high E2 is not a good concept unless you and I know what high means.

2 For a few weeks and I stated dosing.

3 Yes, keeps E2 lower and thus SHBG as well. SHBG is mostly determined by E2 in most cases. I think/suspect that SHBG does not fall rapidly, so waiting to do this later might not be good.