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Post Rotator Cuff Repair/Bankart Procedure


So I've been a cruiser of the National for quite see time now and really enjoying all of the other like minded members thoughts, ideas and just generally bullshit that goes on in here.

Well now I'm 4 days post surgery from the above said procedure and it was a bitch. Worst pain i've personallyever endured and I've had my share. The reason I'm starting this is because of all the other articles and stories i've come across. I want to chronicles my progress and setbacks along the way however long it might take. I've heard 6 MOS to never the same.

As of now I'm on the couch still popping codene pills waiting for swelling to go down. 1ST appt will be on the 14th for eval. I've been hearing pt is worse than surgery itself. I lived with the pain and gradually loss of strength for the last year so it was time. I will post back as things evolve. Anyone with thoughts or experience in this feel free to chime in.