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Post/Preworkout Shake Confusion



So post workout i normally have my protein shake and a decent meal (4 eggs, banana, some evoo)..the more i read the more im starting to confuse myself, so what is it i do post workout? Preworkout i know is heavy on carbs.


What I get is: Post-workout, both carbs and protein. Immediately after, probably more carbs than protein, and it help if both are quickly metabolized (simpler sugars, whey).

As for real meals further down post workout, protein is still the win.


i'm a renegade... i like a big casein shake and some oatmeal pwo.

my recent pre-wo shake has been something like:
1 scoop vanilla casein/whey blend (4:1)
1 scoop Power Drive
1/2 scoop Superfood (and then a heaping scoop w/ my pwo shake)
8 oz OJ
water to desired volume

I like my sugars pre, plus the OJ and vanilla protein combo is secks.


I don't know how it is for you but...some say that a light protein plus fat meal would be better pre-W/O. Ingesting carbs could throw your blood sugar levels off sapping some energy from your W/O. Now post-W/O nutrition is easy, however, dependent on yours goals. An easy way to get PWO right is to just take Surge lol, or, search here on the site for John Berardi's Solving the Post workout puzzle. BTW please don't be lazy and just find quick responss. Read some of the research and the 'whys' to how things work.


KidC: what are your goals?

Bulking, Cutting, something else/between?

I'm bulking right now and this is how I do it.

Pre-WO Meal: Protein/Carbs (chicken/rice)
Peri-WO Shake: Gatorade (carbs) + Leucine (Aminos)
Post-WO Shake: Same as Peri + 2scoop protein +creatine
Post-WO Meal: Big ass omlet. No carbs. This is my last meal of the day so I don't like to go to bed with having just eaten tons of carbs.


I'm very much a neophyte, but it seems like creatine isn't particularly timing sensitive (what with people "loading" it over a week or two). But if it were timing sensitive, it seems like it would be more appropriate pre-workout, since one of the benefits is supposed to be getting more energy to the muscles.



I have a question about pwo shakes. I train bjj as well and the class ends at 9:30 at night. I go to sleep at 11pm, and I'm little warry about consuming 40-50grams of sugar before I go to sleep. Right now, I have been using MHP Dark Matter for my pwo, and I'm not really liking the results, I think with the insulin spike that it creates I've been putting on fat.

Before I used to drink a protein shake like muscle milk or Gaspari Intra-Pro, and when I got home (~30min later) I would eat some cottage cheese and raw honey or a greek yogurt and raw honey.


If you're training with any intensity, don't be worried about carbs PWO regardless of the time of day.

I have Surge Recovery after all of my hard workouts even if it's midnight by the time I get done training.

The whole fear of carbs before bed is vastly over blown. It's not an issue at all if you training in the evening.